Becoming who you really are.

There is an enormous potential in every person that awaits awakening. I ask you to take up this challenge; to become who you really are and fully live your strengths, enjoy your work and love. 
I ask you four questions:

  1. What do you want? Get to know yourself and learn what your desires are
  2. Who wants it? Stop pleasing.
  3. What are you going to do about it? Positive action! Break through your automatic patterns to enable to grow
  4. When? It is time to take action and now!

What these questions do for you is to make you realize that you and only you is responsible for your life. This is the essence of your existence: becoming who you are.

By getting to know yourself, you come across unconscious patterns. These patterns are based on experiences and “life events” from the past. Both play a role in your behaviour or your response to events and these are not always productive.

This discovery is the start of a new perspective on your life. We are going to give meaning to experiences from the past, especially if these are painful ones. 

The ultimate goal is to connect with yourself and the world around you. You become one with the world, but you remain a responsible and independent person. You have overcome yourself by being aware of your shadow parts and your inner strengths.

How do we proceed?

First of all, the ACT® measurement. This online measurement gives you a glimpse into your unconscious; what strengths you have (used or not) and what the sensitivities are, that make you display adjusted behaviour.

We then agree on sessions of one hour to stimulate your development. I do this through the so-called circle of change:

  1. Introspection; reflect on your unconscious self that reveals unknown patterns.
  2. Awareness; what did you bring with you from the past?
  3. Decision scope; you are no longer bound to your fixed patterns
  4. Responsibility; you connect with everything that comes your way, in the inner and outer world.

In this way your life will get new meaning and you will “remember” the purpose of your life again.

Did I warm you up for this adventure? Do you have questions or do you want a free intake interview? Contact me via the button and we will talk and/or see each other.

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