I am Gerard Keg

These are photos of a trip that I made to a place where I lived in my youth for 4 years: Peru. In the Sacred Valley (which runs from the spiritual centre Cusco to the centre of science Machu Picchu) I learned how the Incas were strongly connected with nature. They had a lot of knowledge about astronomy and agriculture and that’s how they ensured that they could live in harmony with nature and natural phenomena.

That is also what keeps me constantly busy; discovering what nature teaches us, taking new paths and thereby developing knowledge and wisdom. In my case by listening carefully, looking and asking questions. This is how I discover nature in people with their talents and also their pitfalls (shadows). That has led me to coaching: finding the best version in people. It has given me a lot of satisfaction and pleasure in my life. I think it’s great to see how people can flourish and develop into the ones they really are.

My passion

A common thread in my career at an international company is guiding complex change projects and letting employees discover their strength and use it in a more efficent way. This often results in the introduction of new systems and the optimization of processes. My passion is to turn inward-looking companies into successful, customer-oriented organizations.

That is why coaching entrepreneurs is so important. When I see that SME entrepreneurs find inspiration and enjoyment during the coaching process, the mission is already successful!

Future-proof success

As a business coach I help you to strengthen the foundations of your company. This is essential for the sustainable growth of your company.

In my toolbox, besides my years of business experience, I also have a thorough training as a coach. After a four-year training in Coaching and Counseling at the European Institute, I specialize in coaching entrepreneurs. The strengths of my method is the concrete approach and the focus on actions which enables a guaranteed success.

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