What is Human Being Management?

It’s about people in organisations. How do you find and use their talents?

Human Being Management (HBM) is an extension of Human Resource Management (HR) that not only looks at the structure and culture but also at the nature of the company. HBM answers the question of how to use the natural strengths of people with the result that the company becomes more effective. Simply,  because the employees are happier in their work and start generating more energy.

Unconscious talents come to life

It is amazingly interesting to see how you can reveal these natural strengths and the natural untapped potential through a simple online measurement of 15 minutes: the ACT® measurement. It shows the unconscious drivers that determine your behaviour continuously and unconsciously. These unconscious drivers are stronger than the will and in the worst case, they can also stop the development of unconscious talents.

Apply the measurement to a Team

An ACT® TEAM analysis collects all individual ACT® measurements from team members and makes it clear which qualities are present in the group (natural or learned), which development potential is still in the group and which aspects affect everyone’s behavior. If we are aware of our strengths and blockades, we can take well-considered decisions and take responsibility for them. The ACT® TEAM analysis also provides information about:

• What the is the ‘Wage Efficiency’ – You can see to what extent the team members use their natural strength, which yields a much higher return.
• A ‘learning and borrowing’ overview- Here all competencies of team members are displayed and it becomes visible who can ‘borrow’ competencies from someone, who can learn from whom and which gaps still exist in the team.

HBM Inspiration sessions

Regularly I hold free HBM inspirational sessions to show everyone what you can expect from HBM and how you can introduce it. Let me know if you want to experience an inspiration session by clicking on the button below.

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