Are you a starting entrepreneur or do you have plans to expand your company considerably? Are you faced with challenges and you can use a little help? As a business coach I help SME entrepreneurs with coaching and training to grow their business sustainably.

With guaranteed results

My approach as a business coach is clear and concrete. I work with you in 7 steps to a valuable company, see the above sequence. These logical steps have proven themselves several times and that is why I offer you a solid guarantee: within 19 sessions you achieve results in more turnover, profit or free time. If this does not work, we will continue at my expense.


Our coaching has a logical structure.
Free strategy session
A health check for your company and to check whether coaching is something for you.

One-on-one business coaching
Intensive and result-oriented. With every time actions that will be carried out, giving us a success guarantee!

Quarterly planning day
One session in the three months we spend on planning for the coming quarter, setting goals and deciding which actions will lead to these goals. The first steps must be in the right direction.

Why do you need a business coach?
Every major leader has one or more coaches as a sounding board. Why should you work and think of everything alone? It is good that we determine your goals together so that you start with a compass to direct you.

Get into action to develop yourself, your employees and your company. 

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