Burn-out prenventie is je eigen handrem vinden

What is your sensitivity and risk of burnout?

So far, most websites that focus on burn-out talk about behavioral change to reduce the risk of burnout: more exercise, more often on vacation, going to bed early in the evening, etc. In other words, it is related to the outside world. But for burn-out it is essential to link the behavioral effects to the inner world because there lies the sensitivity to stress and burn-out and the key to prevention.

To measure the unconscious drives, strengths and ineffective behaviour pattern of everyone, we use the ACT® measurement that maps inner patterns. The measurement was further developed by Eduard Baas from My HBM Center into the ACT® burn-out measurement. This measurement is based on studies in particular on how sensitive a person is to burnout.

Prevent burnout by measuring and coaching

The outcome of the measurement can be preventative if we can reduce the chances that your sensitivity to burnout is challenged: in other words, find  the brake before you overheat. How do you reduce the chance that you burn up?

The most important thing is that you become aware of your sensitivity and become resilient through coaching. We are able to measure the sensitivity of everyone for burn-out and can assess the risk that someone will end up in it.
Through coaching we can help you to reduce the chance of burnout in a targeted manner.

Do you want to know whether and what sensitivity you have for burn-out? To make a measurement, use the button below, or contact me directly.

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