How do you you get the best out of yourself AND your company?

As a business coach, I use the ACT® measurement (Analytical Competence Tool), a psychometric tool for individuals and organisations that make the unused potential and possibilities visible of people. People are of VALUE: a Human Being instead of a Human Resource. A person is not an exchangeable resource but someone with strengths that can be developed.

Be aware of your full potential

“We do not put too much burden on people, we only put it on to a too small part of people”

Everyone can learn competencies but the primal force in you is your essence, it is not ‘learned’ and makes you someone of enormous value, IF you are aware of this power and IF you will use it. Like a dolphin, a cow can swim, but for the dolphin it costs much less effort! 

Human Being Management (HBM)

HBM answers the question of how you use the natural strengths of people, making the company more effective because the employees are happier in their work and energise themselves. HBM starts with the ACT® measurement (Analytical Competence Tool). The ACT® Tool makes this unconscious part of yourself visible and HBM will use this. You develop your natural talents so that your strength is increased and what is important, it does not bother you because you work in your strength. You become the entrepreneur who was always hidden within you!

ACT® Accreditations

I am accredited to perform the ACT® measurement and apply it in coaching sessions to activate conscious and unused strengths. I also have an accreditation as an ACT® teacher, as an ACT® Team coach and I followed the in-depth training.
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