Kegcoach -bedrijfs- en personal coach

Kegcoach is a personal coaching and advice organization that focuses on SME entrepreneurs. These range from individuals, start-ups to long-standing companies of more than 200 employees. Because we work with predetermined goals and with actions that will be carried out after each session, we can guarantee that results will be achieved after 19 sessions. Results such as more turnover, more profit or more free time. The condition is that the actions are carried out consistently!


Kegcoach is recognised as an organisation that promotes sustainability and quality of a company by stimulating people-oriented and inspiring leadership at all levels in an organisation. The leaders are focused on people and their potential, they respect tradition, have a clear understanding of the current situation and have a clear vision of the future.


Our mission is to develop efficient, sustainable and profitable companies, where everyone works in their strengths. By allowing employees at all levels to discover their natural talents, their passion and their potential and to use them for the company, we develop a culture where people feel valued and happy. In this way you create teams where everyone complements each other and where understanding, openness and respect ensure innovation and productivity.

Core values

  • Responsibility
  • Respect for everything that lives
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Authenticity
  • Searching for connections


At this moment we have no vacancies.

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